Plant Mechanic

Plant Mechanics will usually be involved in the constant monitoring, assessment and improvement of the quality and quantity of goods produced, and the efficiency and economics of their production. 


  • Conduct studies to evaluate work methods and use the information from such studies to determine and improve operating efficiencies of the company;
  • Study material-handling methods and suggest or implement changes that reduce physical effort, increase safety and reduce handling costs;
  • Design and modify equipment and processes to optimise use of resources and efficiency;
  • Produce and submit proposals to management for upgrading equipment;
  • Measure and study available floor space and draw plans of efficient plant layout;
  • Assist in developing tests for components and finished products to make sure that they meet quality standards and operating requirements;
  • Plan assignments and make recommendations based on worker performance, machine capacity and production schedules;
  • Assist with or produce routine maintenance schedules;
  • Aid in surveillance of inventories, ranging from raw materials to finished products, and prepare status reports;
  • Supervise and advise operators and work teams, making sure work is carried out according to plan;
  • Communicate with contractors and suppliers of goods and services; and
  • Communicate with all persons in an organisation, from senior management through to technical and operations staff.

Skills Required

  • Enjoy technical and engineering activities;
  • Be able to identify, analyse and solve problems;
  • Possess good oral and written communication skills;
  • Possess an aptitude for computing and design;
  • Be both practical and creative;
  • Possess leadership abilities;
  • Be able to work independently;
  • Be able to work as part of a team; and
  • Be willing and able to accept responsibility.


$50,000 - $60,000