Quarry Manager

Quarry Managers are responsible for ensuring that quarries, pits and opencast sites operate successfully.

Miners operate equipment to excavate, load and transport coal, ore, mineral sand and rock, either underground or in open-cut mines. Underground Miners travel down vertical shafts or sloping declines to reach the work face. Open-cut and Surface Miners extract the mineral ore using mining machines, drilling and blasting methods, ripping (e.g. by bulldozer) or dredging. 


  • Cut drives into the ore body using pneumatic equipment;
  • Load ore into mine cars or on to conveyors and transport to entrance of mine;
  • Load trucks to transport material to the surface in a decline shaft or load skips to transport material to the surface in vertical shafts;
  • Support the walls and roof in underground mines with rock bolts and erect wooden or steel props, pillars and arches where necessary; and
  • Install vertical shafts and ventilation rises for air circulation in underground mines.

Mine Shift Bosses observe activities in underground and open cut mines to check that safety regulations are met with regard to:

  • Electrical and mechanical equipment;
  • The storage and use of explosives; and
  • The support structure of the mine.

Mine shift bosses may perform the following tasks:

  • Regularly inspect mine sites both above and below ground;
  • Ensure that roadways and machinery are in safe condition;
  • Supervise shotfiring; conduct tests to detect the presence of gas and ensure underground ventilation is adequate; and
  • Ensure mine personnel know and are complying with safety regulations and emergency procedures.

Skills Required

  • Is resourceful and an independent thinker;
  • Enjoys problem-solving and has good spatial ability;
  • Can communicate well with others; and
  • Is interested in working at mine sites, often in remote locations.


$100,000 - $200,000