There are hundreds of scholarships available to undergraduate engineering and science students across Australia.

Scholarships can be worth anywhere between $1,000 to $14,000 per year. Though not all scholarships are about financial gain or prestige, scholarships can open doors in your career, with paid vacation work opportunities or automatic consideration for their graduate positions. Some scholarships may include chances for you to attend industry events which can provide valuable networking opportunities and put you on the front foot with your job search.

Selection criteria

There are many types of scholarships available, all with different selection or eligibility criteria.

For example, prestigious university scholarships may be heavily weighted on academic performance. On the other hand, university equity scholarships will be more focused on providing disadvantaged students the opportunity to attend university with ongoing support.

Companies providing scholarships are generally looking for applicants with a balance of academic achievements, a demonstrated interest in a particular field and good communication and team skills, for example. While the majority of scholarships are open to second or third year uni students, there is an increasing amount of scholarships available for first year students. So, don't rule yourself out of applying for scholarships because you think you may not fit a particular mould. If you are a first year student and looking to apply for a scholarship with industry in your second year, get out there now and start talking to people, attending student and industry networking events and researching companies that would some day be interested in working for.

For more information about current scholarship opportunities for students, check out our Facebook page Engineering and Science Scholarships.

Scholarship opportunitites are also advertised directly though Universities' Scholarships Offices.

To access full and up to date information relating to scholarships at different universities we recommend contacting the Universities' Scholarships Offices directly. Contact details for Scholarships Offices can most be accessed most easily online.

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Good luck!