Mine Engineering Surveyor

Also known as: Surveyor.

A Mine Surveyor specifically measures underground and open-cut mines in detail. Their surveys help mining organisations locate new mines safely, avoiding older mines, and allow connections to be made between different underground passages.


  • Determining the position of points of interest on the earth's surface, including the ocean bed and preparing the final product data in digital form;
  • Supervise the preparation of plans, maps, charts and drawings to give pictorial representations and managing automated information systems;
  • Undertake research and development of surveying and other relevant systems;
  • Plan and design land sub-division projects and negotiate details with local governments and other authorities and representative bodies;
  • Advise engineers, environmental and other scientists or other relevant professionals on the technical requirements of surveying, mapping and spatial information systems;
  • May supervise and coordinate the work of surveying associates and field assistants

Skills Required

  • Good at mathematics;
  • Good organisational skills;
  • Able to work neatly and accurately;
  • Good health and good eyesight (corrected is acceptable);
  • Able to work as part of a team; and
  • Able to work independently.


$70,000 - $130,000