Also known as: Map Scientist, Map Maker.

Cartographers design, prepare and revise maps, charts, plans, three-dimensional models and spatial information databases, often using computer-based techniques, and applying principles from science, mathematics and graphic design. Cartographers apply these elements to represent, analyse and manage essential spatial information that services the mining, mineral exploration, mapping, marketing, web publishing, regional planning and environmental management industries. Spatial information refers to information about the geographical relationship between places, people and other items within a particular area. 


  • Produce paper maps and web-delivered electronic maps using desktop publishing, computer graphics and multimedia software;
  • Take part in the design and management of geographical information systems (GIS);
  • Design and produce interactive mapping products for use on computer systems and the web;
  • Supervise and coordinate the work of cartographic technicians and other production team members;
  • Produce digital topographic and thematic data for use in geographical databases;
  • Analyse and interpret information from a range of sources (including surveyors' notes, aerial photographs, remote sensing satellite imagery and existing maps and records) and prepare reports; and
  • Advise other professionals on the data requirements for map production and on the artistic, technical and economic aspects of map making.

Skills Required

  • Enjoy design and computer graphics;
  • Enjoy geography;
  • Able to work neatly and accurately, paying attention to detail;
  • Good at mathematics and science; and
  • Able to work as part of a team.



$50,000 - $95,000