Frontline Manager

Also known as: Business Manager.

A Frontline Manager  is responsible for managing and coordinating the business operations of a company.


  • Manage daily financial activities of an organisation;
  • Oversee supervision of personnel;
  • Maintain records on employees, equipment and inventories;
  • Assist in the preparation of budget requests;
  • Coordinate financial aspects of contracts and sub-contracts;
  • Develop, implement and maintain policies, objectives, and planning;
  • Develop and implement projects and programs to meet business plan requirements; and
  • Represents the organisation at various community and business meetings.

Skills Required

  • Good planning, organisational, analytical and decision-making skills;
  • Good oral and written communication skills; and
  • Confidentiality, tact and discretion when dealing with people.


$70,000 - $140,000