Human Resources Officer

Human Resources Officers provide employment and personnel administration services within an organisation.


  • Determine the number of employees and type of skills required to meet the organisation's objectives;
  • Analyse the requirements of jobs and develop job descriptions and duty statements;
  • Develop profiles of the skills required;
  • Advertise vacancies and assess/interview applicants;
  • Maintain personal records of all employees;
  • Arrange for staff training;
  • Maintain records for wages, superannuation, leave, training etc;
  • Provide advice to management on HR;
  • Assist in organisational changes in culture; and
  • Plan and organise employee welfare schemes.


Skills Required

  • Good planning, organisational, analytical and decision-making skills;
  • Good oral and written communication skills; and
  • Confidentiality, tact and discretion when dealing with people.


$60,000 - $95,000