Employee Relations Officer

Also known as: Industrial Relations Officer

Employee Relations Officer utilises his/her knowledge in industrial law/polices to reach equitable outcomes for employees and employer. They assist in resolving disputes and grievances in the workplace by advising on industrial law and policies and by representing their employer in industrial negotiations.


  • Undertake negotiations on rates of pay and conditions of employment for employees and employers;
  • Develop and administer policies on different employee classifications, wage structures etc;
  • Maintain good relationships between employer and employee;
  • Examine and attempt to resolve industrial disputes;
  • Study and interpret relevant industrial legislation;
  • Advise others on appropriate procedures for carrying out negotiations; and
  • Appear as a representative of an industrial group before a tribunal.


Skills Required

  • Good communication skills;
  • Good conflict resolution skills; and
  • Willing to work within rules (legislative and legal).


$40,000 - $80,000