Accountants analyse and report on information concerned with the financial operations and affairs of enterprises.


Cost Accountants:

  • Plan, set up and direct systems to record accumulated costs of raw material, labour and overheads;
  • Develop and direct systems that determine unit costs; and
  • Provide management with reports to assist in decision-making.

Finance Accountants:

  • Direct activities such as preparing reports on financial analysis of operations;
  • summarise the financial position of companies;
  • Prepare budgets and financial forecasts;
  • Calculate depreciation on capital equipment;
  • Evaluate requirements for funds and investment of surplus;
  • Initiate cost investigation studies; and
  • Develop cost allocations and financial reporting systems.

Skills Required

  • Good communication skills;
  • Good presentation skills;
  • Able to build rapport with clients;
  • Able to analyse and solve problems;
  • Good organisational skills;
  • Discretion when dealing with confidential information; and
  • Professional and ethical.


$60,000 - $160,000