Environmental Engineer

The Environmental Engineer plays a highly critical role in the mining process and the developing of sustainable extraction practices.

The minerals and energy industries are committed to environmental sustainable mining practices and post-exstraction restoration. The resources sector is always looking for Environmental Engineers who care for the environment and recognise the imperative role the resources sector plays within the Australian economy. Environmental Engineers can have a huge impact on preserving the Australian environment, and as an Environmental Engineer, the resources sector will look to you for guidence and the development of innovative ways to mine more efficiently and responsibily.


  • Developing ways of minimising harm to the environment, based on the study and assessment of processes, environmental legislation and physical, biological, social and cultural environments;
  • Undertaking laboratory work, analysing pollutants, identifying their sources and assessing their effects;
  • Monitoring and evaluating the environmental and social impacts of engineering projects and development activities;
  • Rehabilitating land, water and air affected by mining;
  • Researching matters of immediate and long-term importance to governments and the  communities such as the impact of land clearing on native animals and the impact of waste products on waterways;
  • Negotiating and assisting in the development of policy, strategy and codes of practice on environmental management;
  • Conducting environmental audits within industry and government departments;
  • Researching and developing new technologies and techniques to improve the environmental acceptability of engineering projects;
  • Designing and operating processes to treat waste;
  • Working with occupational health experts to ensure a hazard-free working environments;
  • Preparing research reports on approaches to environmental management in new and existing engineering projects; and
  • Effectively communicating relevant issues to technical staff, managers, regulatory authorities, public interest groups and the public.

Skills Required

  • Enjoy technical and engineering activities;
  • Willing to adhere to safety requirements;
  • Able to identify, analyse and solve problems;
  • Good oral and written communication skills;
  • Enjoy computing and technical design;
  • Practical and creative; and
  • Able to accept responsibility.


$65,000 - $150,000