Drill Engineer

Drilling Engineers are responsible for the design and implementation of procedures in order to ensure the safe and economical drilling activities.

Drill Engineers are responsible for the planning and execution of drilling activities. Typically, the planning phase will involve estimating the value and cost of the reserves being sought, environmental and land lease accesses, surveying and a well bore plan, and then finally the carrying out of the drilling. Careers in drilling are very rewarding.


  • Planning casing sizes;
  • Setting depths  to prevent blowouts while allowing adequate
  • formation evaluation;
  • Develop casing strings design and cementing plans, directional drilling plans, drilling fluids programs, and drill string and drill bit programs;
  • Chose equipment, material, their grades and their ratings to be used in the drilling process;
  • Oversee drilling activities and offer technical support where required;
  • Audit safety and drilling procedures; and
  • Conduct business cost analysis.


Skills Required

  • Relevant tertiary qualification;
  • Aptitude for mechanics and able to handle machinery;
  • Physically fit;
  • Able to lead or work as part of a team;
  • Willing to work in remote areas under difficult conditions;
  • Good organisation skills;
  • Able to record details accurately;
  • Clean police record;
  • Be 18 years old (as it is a legal requirement on most mine and quarry sites);
  • Have a drug and alcohol clearance; and
  • Pass a medical examination.

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$80,000 - $140,000