Civil Engineer

Civil Engineers play an important role in the Australian resources sector. When people think of mining they automatically think about Mining Engineers, which is fair, but Civil Engineers play an equally prominent role within the mineral and energy industries. Who do you think is responsible the construction of roads within the mine site, the pipelines, the buildings, the design of gas and water supply, sewerage systems, harbours to transport the resources and so forth? That's right, Civil Engineers.

While work opportunities for civil engineers can be affected by fluctuations in the building and construction industry, there remains a steady requirement for trained and qualified Civil Engineers within the resources sector.


  • Investigate sites to determine suitable foundations;
  • Research and advise of best engineering solutions on site;
  • Produce detailed designs and documentation for construction of a project;
  • Organise delivery of materials, plant and equipment to site;
  • Establish detailed programs for the coordination of site activities;
  • Prepare engineering calculations required for project design;
  • Supervise the testing and commissioning of completed works;
  • Analyse and interpret reports on loadings, materials etc;
  • Analyse risks associated with natural phenomena (eg earthquake, flood etc); and
  • Arrange for geological and geophysical investigations.

Skills Required 

  • Able to identify, analyse and solve problems;
  • Good oral and written communication skills;
  • Aptitude for computing and design;
  • Practical and creative;
  • Able to work without supervision;
  • Able to work as part of a team;
  • Able to accept responsibility; and
  • Willing to contribute and adhere to the safety requirements of the operation.


$80,000 - $150,000

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