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The resources sector needs highly skilled and innovative employees to contribute to one of Australia's fastest growing and most important industries.

Business & Admin
There is a diverse range of career options for business and administration professionals in the resources sector.Read more about admin jobs in mining
Drilling is a vital component of exploration and oil and gas production, both onshore and offshore. Find out more about mining drilling jobs.
The resources sector employs a broad range of engineering disciplines. Engineer your career in this industry. Read more about mining engineering jobs.
Electrial systems and equipment are employed throughout resource operations, providing for a range of electrical skilled roles across the industry.
Make a difference to the way our natural resources and surrounding environments are managed.
Finance professionals are required in the resources sector to manage, analyse and report on the financial aspects of resource planning and operations.
From exploration to production across minerals, oil and gas sectors, geology and geophysics are vital to the resources industry.
Maintaining a safe and healthy workforce is a key priority for the resource sector.
Human Resources
Assisting companies to attract and retain the best qualified staff is vital to the resources sector. Find more about HR jobs in the oil and gas sector
Information Technology
Computer systems and information technology professionals work across the resources sector in a variety of roles. Read more about IT job opportunities
Opportunities exist for professional and semi-professional legal personnel.There are a broad range of legal careers within the resources sector.
Marketing generates the strategy that underlies sales techniques, business communication, and business developments within the resources sector.
Mining professionals are heavily relied upon across all facets of resource development and production. Find out more about a career path in mining.
Surveying and spatial skills are highly sought after in the minerals and energy sector. Find out more about surveying job opportunities in Australia.
Leading people to accomplish goals and objectives is a critical component of the resources sector.
As a professional in operations, you will oversee multi-million dollar projects on a day-to-day basis. Find out more about oil and gas careers.


    Priority careers

    Mining Engineer


    Environmental Engineer

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    Surveying is the process of determining accurate positions on, or near the ...

    Occupational Health and Safety Officer

    OH&S Officers help coordinate an enterprise's safety and health program and...

    Mechanical Engineer

    Mechanical Engineers apply engineering principles in the employment of ener...