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Skilled Migration

Australia is one of the world's leading producers of minerals and energy commodities. In order to realise the economic benefits of the resources sector, companies require access to a suitably skilled and productive workforce. The resources sector workforce in Australia continues to grow steadily and currently employs approximately 261,800 people, or 2.2% of the total workforce.

The Australian resources sector is committed to attracting, up-skilling and retaining a local source of skilled labour to meet its requirements. For some highly skilled occupations, companies are experiencing skill shortages where sources of local skilled labour are not sufficient to meet total requirements.

In this situation, where there is a genuine need to recruit internationally, resources sector companies are utilising other mechanisms such as temporary skilled migration, to meet their skilled labour requirements. Australia will require at least another 100,000 additional workers in the resources sector by 2015.

The Skilled Migration Program is an official Government initiative to overcome skill shortages within the Australian workforce and to identify individuals who can make a valuable contribution to Australia's economy.

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