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Gender Diversity

With the current skills shortage, it has never been more important for the resources sector to source skilled workers from sections of the community currently underrepresented in the workforce, such as women and Aboriginal Australians.

Achieving greater gender diversity makes commercial sense and also enables them to be more attractive places to work and establish themselves as employers of choice.

Mining and oil and gas companies have put in place many initiatives to make the resources sector a great place for women to work, with both rewarding career pathways and an environment where women feel comfortable, included and valued:

Successful company initiatives include:

  • Scholarships for female students pursuing careers in non-traditional roles;
  • Career development and leadership programs;
  • Sponsorship, mentoring and networking programs;
  • Equal pay and entitlements;
  • Extended parental leave and toolkits to assist new parents;
  • Flexible working arrangements, including job-sharing and part-time roles, tele-commuting and working from home options;
  • On-site amenities, such as breast-feeding facilities and family rooms;
  • Dedicated personal protective clothing and equipment for women; and
  • Effective complaints processes and strict anti-harassment and bullying policies.

"Remaining contemporary in our approach to employment is assisting Xstrata Copper in the resources boom by attracting women into our workforce and enabling us to share opportunities and wealth with whole community." - Mike Westerman, General Manager Mount Isa Copper Operations Xstrata Copper.

Career Opportunities

The doors are wide open for women across all levels and occupational areas, from science and engineering, to trades and operations, to business and administration to support and entry-level roles, the opportunities for women are diverse and many.

"It's encouraging that there are more opportunities in the mining industry for women to progress to supervisory or managerial roles. Employing more women has not only made the workplace more balanced and socially responsible, but also greatly countered the growingskills shortage in the region." - Andrew Woodley, General Manager Operations, Rio Tinto Hail Creek Mine.


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