Mineral Processing Operator

Also known as: Operators, Mineral Dressing Operators.

Mineral Processing Operators use equipment to process mineral ores until the final form is produced. 


  • Assemble and dismantle equipment and fittings in ore-processing plants;
  • Operate ore-crushing and screening plants using manual and computer-based systems, conveyers, feeders, weight-meters, roll mills, pumps, jigs, spirals and flotation cells;
  • Load, unload and store materials such as treatment chemicals and tools;
  • Mix ore-treating chemicals, catalysts and reagents;
  • Clear blockages in materials-handling and transporting equipment;
  • Clean, wash and maintain equipment, and remove spillages and rubbish;
  • Maintain auxiliary systems, such as drainage, fluids-pouring and conveyor-belt systems;
  • Take samples of materials for testing;
  • Use thickeners in the drying processes, pumping of tailings; and management of tailings dams and associated raw-water systems.

Skills Required

  • Enjoy practical and manual work;
  • Physically fit;
  • Resourceful; and
  • Mechanical aptitude.


$30,000 - $50,000