Equipment Operator

There are various Equipment Operator job roles within the mining sectors, from Kiln Operators through to Bogger or Loader Operators.

Operators in non-metallic mineral products industries operate plant and equipment to produce ceramic and clay products, glass, cement and concrete products such as bricks, tiles, pottery, cement, lime, paving blocks and glassware.

Operators may work in:

  • Cement production plant to produce cement, lime and clinker (glazed brick; slag; or fused ash). They may control the operation of continuous feeding equipment such as pumps and conveyors; adjust temperature and pressure gauges or physical indicators such as oil levels; operate kilns or grinding equipment.
  • Kiln Operations using kilns or ovens to fire ceramics, and to dry and season wood products and timber. Kiln operators may inspect plant and check the performance of equipment, gauges and record readings; control temperature, heating times and ventilation in kilns or ovens; control rates of flow of ceramics and wood products into kilns; remove products and waste from kilns or ovens.
  • Concrete products manufacturing, operating plant and equipment to produce moulded concrete products such as pipes and fittings, concrete railway sleepers, concrete bricks, tiles and paving blocks, structural beams, building panels and cast products.
  • Pre-mixed Concrete, operating plant and equipment to produce batches of concrete from cement, sand, aggregate, water and other ingredients, or operate equipment to pump, cast and mould concrete.


  • Weigh, measure and mix ingredients;
  • Clean plant areas and clean and lubricate equipment;
  • Operate machines to combine and process ingredients or finish products;
  • Keep an eye on machine operations and adjust pressure, temperature, tension and other controls;
  • Collect samples for laboratory analysis;
  • Measure and test products; and
  • Weigh and package products.

Skills Required

  • Be interested in practical and manual work;
  • Have an aptitude for problem solving;
  • Possess mechanical aptitude;
  • Be able to handle multiple tasks;
  • Be able to work as part of a team; and
  • Be safety conscious.


$70,000 - $100,000