Mineral Processing Operator

Mineral processing operators are employed by mining companies, industrial mineral companies and quarries.

Mineral Processing Operators use equipment to process mineral ores until the final form is produced. Work includes sampling and laboratory work and they are involved in all aspects of mineral processing. Very often the work will be conducted in remote areas, and conditions may include dust, heat and noise. On the other hand, Mineral Processing Operators are highly sought after; there are education pathway programs and many mining jobs opportunities for qualified operators.


  • Assemble and dismantle equipment and fittings in ore-processing plants;
  • Operate ore-crushing and screening plants using manual and computer-based systems, conveyers, feeders, weight-meters, roll mills, pumps, jigs, spirals and flotation cells;
  • Load, unload and store materials such as treatment chemicals and tools;
  • Mix ore-treating chemicals, catalysts and reagents;
  • Clear blockages in materials-handling and transporting equipment;
  • Clean, wash and maintain equipment, and remove spillages and rubbish;
  • Maintain auxiliary systems, such as drainage, fluids-pouring and conveyor-belt systems;
  • Take samples of materials for testing; and
  • Use thickeners in the drying processes, pumping of tailings and management of tailings dams and associated raw-water systems.

Skills Required

  • Enjoy practical and manual work;
  • Physically fit;
  • Resourceful; and
  • Mechanical aptitude.


$30,000 - $50,000