Also known as: Legal Executive

A Paralegal is a non-Lawyer who has usually undertaken a series or prescribed legal courses and is familiar with legal processes. A Paralegal can act independently from a legal professional, or work with the legal professional to prepare legal documents or utilise his or her knowledge in legal processes to offer more high-level support than a Legal Assistant. Start a rewarding career as a legal executive in the oil and gas industry today, see below the duties and skills required.


  • Prepare contracts for joint venture partnerships and contractors;
  • Oversee legal requirements of the company;
  • Advise in areas of worker compensation, native title and environmental responsibility;
  • Ensure legal requirement of tenement and lease management is adhered to; and
  • Ensure appropriate liability insurances are in place.

Skills Required

  • Interest in and knowledge of the law;
  • Good knowledge of English;
  • Accuracy and precision; and
  • Able to think logically and clearly.


$35,000 - $80,000