Also known as: Chef.

Cooks prepare and make food ready for consumption. The serving of healthy, hygienic and dietary friendly foods is important to support a healthy workforce for minerals and energy projects. Work locations and conditions can vary, from large kitchens serving hundreds of meals per day, to small, temporary cooking facilities where you might serve only several meals. These hospitality jobs are very rewarding in the remote mines sites.


  • Check food to make sure of its quality;
  • Regulate temperatures of ovens, grills and other cooking equipment;
  • Prepare food for cooking;
  • Cook food by a range of methods (i.e. baking, braising, frying, roasting or steaming);
  • Divide food into portions and make sure that the food is well presented;
  • Clean food preparation areas and equipment;
  • Store food in temperature-controlled facilities;
  • Receive and store supplies;
  • Make sure kitchen is hygienic and functional;
  • Plan menus and estimate food requirements;
  • Prepare food to meet special dietary requirements; and
  • Train and supervise other staff.

Skills Required

  • High level of personal cleanliness;
  • Able to plan your time and work under pressure;
  • Good communication skills;
  • Punctuality;
  • Flexibility to perform shift work (sometimes on a 24-hour rotating roster);
  • Able to stay calm in difficult situations; and
  • Able to work well in a team.


$30,000 - $95,000