Data Entry Clerk

Also known as: Word Processors, Typists.

A Data Entry Clerk  is a member of the administration team employed to enter data into a database. Accurate data entry is critical to the organisation's strategic and operational planning. When mining organisations executives look to expand the business, it is the data that you have entered that they may base their strategic decisions on.


  • Check that all required equipment is available for use;
  • Load and unload the program and data;
  • Control and direct computer operations by typing in written instructions;
  • Watch computer progress by observing visual display;
  • Identify problems and determine cause;
  • Liaise with maintenance to rectify problem;
  • Maintain records of computer running time;
  • Input required information; and
  • Supervise printing of information and distribute accordingly.

Skills Required

  • Able to work quickly and accurately;
  • Able to concentrate for long periods;
  • Attention to detail; and
  • Good at working with computers.


$30,000 - $42,000