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Make a start in Australia's fast-paced minerals and energy sector, with mining careers opportunities for skilled people of all ages and backgrounds.

Business & Admin
Administration is a critical component in all major resources projects in Australia today. As such a variety of administration jobs are available.
As part of a team, and often in rugged & isolated conditions, a driller will use heavy machinery to accurately seek out and find extractable resources.
Finance is what drives the Australian resources mining sector and companies are always on the look out for qualified, motivated finance personnel.
Geoscience jobs role is to utilise scientific knowledge to locate materials and minerals, and advise on extraction and the rehabilitation of land.
Hospitality jobs form an integral part of mining projects around Australia. Career opportunities exist for Caterers, Cooks and Kitchen Hands.
Information Technology
Computer systems and information technology professionals work across the resources sector in a variety of roles. Learn more about IT jobs in mining.
From Geochemists and Biotechnologists to Laboratory Technicians and Assistants, a large body of jobs in the energy sector is laboratory based.
Within the highly regulated environment in which mining companies work, there are careers opportunities for qualified legal practitioners.
Miners work at the forefront of operations, using equipment and machinery, supporting the extraction of resources. Find more about mining careers
The resources and mining sector offers a range of technician jobs across a number of specialty areas, from working with computers to surveying
Surveying and spatial skills are highly sought after in the minerals and energy sector. Find out more about surveying careers in Australia.
Operations cover a broad gamut of skilled trade and technical roles within the Australian resources and mining sectors.