Vacation work experience

Hello Again,

This summer I worked as a vacation Geology student at
Ivanhoe Australia. I definitely recommend trying for vacation work everywhere
because I guarantee you have no idea what geology in the real world is

I had a great experience out at the Mt. Dore site, (which is out
near Cloncurry in Central Queensland) I met many great people that I am sure I
will keep in contact with for the rest of my life and learnt some stuff about
geology I never knew.

I experienced field work in 40+degrees,
experienced wild life; everything from death-adders to galahs and brumbies to
kangaroos, I learnt how to 4wheel-drive on road, off road and no road and of
course learnt about some rocks (and got to take some samples home)

It was
really a valuable learning experience and I am thankful that I took part. Next
year Ivanhoe are planning to rotate their geologist from exploration, to
development and to underground so if you want to experience everything they
might be a good company to consider.

Here are some photos of my

This is Kirby, the local

My adventure around the
old mine workings on Christmas Day

My friend jumping into an
old flooded open pit (I did it too)

My adventure underground

Author thumbnail Louise Schoneveld I'm studying my 3rd year of geology at James Cook University. I have enjoyed my degree and am considering continuing my studies with honors next year.