Tips for making the most of FIRST YEAR UNI

On Thursday I was lucky enough to MC the Students for the Future awards. All 95 students that attended were all so fresh faced and scared that I thought I would give a few tips about making the most of first year university, especially if you are given a great opportunity like the Students for the Future program. 

First year really is the easiest year and you should take advantage of it. Everyone is just as scared as you and you should get the courage up to just start talking to someone! You might make a new friend of a mental note of whom to avoid. This is actually quite a difficult skill to master; courage, but it is the best skill you will have while networking later on. In this case, it is okay to talk to strangers (just don't take their candy)

If you are a Student for the Future you are lucky because QRC will send you to events where important people will be, but they can't do everything for you. You have to start a conversation, get business cards, ask what everyone does. You might feel weird asking people what they do, but everyone enjoys telling their story, and you learn a lot. You could even ask someone you really like to be your mentor. Make friends, send emails because in this industry it is all about who you know. 

Don't get carried away with the first two tips. Study is important and you really do need to pass. Make sure you get your own personal balance of work and play. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, but all play and no work makes Jack drop out of university....

When applying for vacation work/ scholarships, learn to sell yourself. I know it feels a little like boasting but people don't know how awesome you are so you have to tell them. They are looking at you like an investment and you have to convince them you are a great one.

It is just about time to think about vac work. My advice is if you are pretty set on something, try something else. If you want FIFO, try residential, if you want hard rock, try soft rock, if you want a big company, try a little one. But then again; just apply for everything and you will be sure to get something. Use your university to help you write your CV and work on your interview skills because you will really need them to be top notch if you want a job in first year. 

 And, that is about it. Again, if you are a Students for the Future awardee QRC will help you out with meeting people and workshops for CV and interview skills but if you haven't got this award don't fret, there are other ways. Talk to your lecturers, talk to careers councilors or even just Google some mines and send some people emails and ask them questions. First year is great, enjoy it. 


Author thumbnail Louise Schoneveld I'm studying my 3rd year of geology at James Cook University. I have enjoyed my degree and am considering continuing my studies with honors next year.