Second Year

Heading back to uni after a refreshing holiday period over Christmas, I finally feel that I am getting the hang of life as a uni student. 

Second year mechanical engineering at QUT is proving significantly more interesting than a lot of the foundation knowledge that had to be developed last year. Currently in my Materials and Manufacturing subject I have been blown away by the complexity involved in the production of mechanical components, and the sheer volume of design and production decisions associated. All of a sudden the need for large engineering teams in the Resources sector, performing a whole range of functions, makes a whole lot more sense. 

Additionally, over the Easter period I took a group of grade 12 Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award students hiking in New Zealand. There was something very 'uni-esque' about being able to study hard and get ahead in my subject, then head overseas for a 2 week holiday. I was struck by the beauty of the countryside we were able to experience, and also found it interesting how different the natural landscape is to what we have over here, in comparison to some of the hiking I did in Australia over the Christmas holidays. Pressure is on I guess to ensure our practises remain sustainable, without compromising our own land's natural beauty!


Author thumbnail Martin Zerk I'm a second-year mechanical engineering student at QUT, looking to get in to the automotive industry, with a particular interest in sustainable mobility. Additionally, I'm a passionate hiker and love getting out into the wilderness.