Queensland Exploration Council Breakfast

The breakfast was held to allow a dissection of the Queensland election result that had occurred the weekend prior. Attending were representatives of many companies with vested interests in the QLD Resources and Energy sector. QRC CEO Michael Roche gave the keynote speech, in which he spoke about primarily about taking proactive approaches in consulting communities and 'moving above bottom-line compliance'. His speech reinforced the need for a positive image in the resources sector above all else, for high economic, environmental and social performances, and for the local community's confidence.

All the speakers gave a refreshing view of the QLD and indeed Australian Mining and resources sector, one that the media doesn't portray very often and one that jars with public opinion, highlighting the work that is still to be done. However, a positive attitude ran through all the speeches in the face of great expansion and success in the industry.

I sat next to Peter Demura who, as the current General Manager of Markets and Economics at Rio, and the ex-Chief Economist of BHP, offered some great insights into the industry and the wide range of skills and professions necessary in progressing the sector. It was a great opportunity overall.

Author thumbnail Alistair Roe I'm a 2nd year Mechatronic/Commerce student, with a keen interest in the energy field and using automation and robotic systems to evolve the sector.