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I am not sure how other students compare to this but personally I find around week 8 to be the most difficult part of a semester.  As it approaches the rear end of semester assignments begin to pile up and those final exams begin to become a concern.  The work load increases quickly and largely after the mid semester breaks.

Personally I find it difficult to get ahead and do work until it really needs to be done.  At this point in week 8 it seems everything comes at once.  To cope with this I go into overdrive, attending lectures, studying texts and preparing essential study materials for exams.  Again this is what I do there are some people out there that are ready for all this.  They go through the term preparing and studying keeping up with each week and for them this part of term is no different to the rest. It seems some of these people are so confident they don't even come to lectures at this time.empty lecture

But that's really the trick of it, figuring out how you work best and compensating for strengths and weaknesses you have to ensure the best possible performance.  Personally I know I work better under pressure so I create pressure but often it takes a while to learn how you personally can achieve. 


Author thumbnail Phillip Crowe As a civil engineering student at CQUniversity, I am enjoying the challenges presented to me in uni life and the great opportunities so far!