Origin Energy Vacation Program

Hey everyone,

Today is my last day of the Origin Energy vacation program! It has been quite a ride so far. I am based in the Brisbane office but I was fortunate enough to go out to site four times. Three times to Darling Downs Power Station near Dalby, South Queensland and I just got back from Mount Stuart Power Station in Townsville, North Queensland on Wednesday. It was amazing to see everything up close and personal, the most rewarding thing for me was that I really got to see the scale of everything, and let me say, everything was HUGE! It's easy seeing a generator on a single line diagram on paper, but being right next to a hydrogen cooled steam turbo-generator spinning at 3000 rpm was unlike anything I've ever experienced! I've added a few photos from my time out on site at Darling Downs Power Station, in the hopes that everyone can get a glimpse of my experiences for 3 months, but believe me, I don't think the photos do it justice.




This is me, next to the 345 MW turbine at Darling Downs Power Station. I actually got to see inside and see the shaft spinning at 3000 rpm.





Here I am (right down the bottom there) with the other Power Generation vacation student in front of the ACC system (air cooled condenser) I could actually walk comfortably underneath the ACC duct (the large tube). It was HUGE!

The whole program has been such a rewarding experience for me, I feel I have a much clearer knowledge of the industry now. I think the program has been great for upskilling myself and hopefully making me a much better engineer. The culture at Origin is great and I really feel apart of the team. Everyone is willing to answer all my questions (there were quite a few) and guide me through my tasks. I had a ball and hopefully I can return here next year!
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