Oh to be a first year again....

Oh to be a first year again ...

Well hello again. I still can't quite believe it that I'm in fourth year, but here I am.  It's rather hectic in my neck of the woods at the moment with assignments hiding behind each other only to creep up and surprise me at the last moment. None the less, I'm enjoying it as there is nothing like engineering.

I recently completed my last stint of vacation work. As I've said before my view on vacation work is to get as varied an experience as possible. There aren't many jobs where you only have to be there for a couple of months and get to work with some great people and some interesting projects so that you can see how things are run. On the other hand if you don't like what you're doing you don't go mad at the desk after 5 years (because you're only there for 3 months). To this end I undertook vacation work with GHD at their Charlotte St office in Brisbane. GHS are a large engineering consulting firm with offices around the world and a vast project portfolio. I was working in the Power Distribution service group.

I got the work through a contact I had within the company. As with my last stint of vac work at CRCMining I didn't actually complete the application process and was selected through the contact I had made. I'd certainly suggest getting along to any networking events you can (such as those put on by QRC) as it's the people at these events that can lead to that vac work job.

GHD was a different change of pace to my usual work. It was my first taste of corporate work, so I donned the collared shirt and slacks every day. The work I was completing revolved mostly around designing drawings for various projects and a couple of other little projects. The drawing work consisted of designing various power distribution sections (cable crossings, trench sections) according to the standards. For those of you who haven't already come across it try and get your hands on AS3000 - it's the wiring bible and you'll use it at least once a week in industry. The other projects I assisted with were indicative of the large scope of work in consulting. I looked at loss in optical fibres, control systems and cable schedules just to name a few. Overall I enjoyed my time with GHD as I got to work on some interesting projects and got to see another side to the resources industry.

Well, that's a bit of an update so far. I'm off to work on my thesis then a systems engineering assignment. Hope you're not quite as busy as me.


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