Honours and Future

Bachelor of Geology, JCU

I enrolled in my bachelor of geology at James Cook University in 2010, and now in 2013 I have finished this degree and am due to have my graduation ceremony in a few months. I have learnt more than I expected, not only about rocks but how to network, do field work, research, learn and ask questions. 

This year I have enrolled to do honours and will completing my thesis on a rare earth element deposit. I am really excited to start. By the end of 2013 I will have graduated, completed my thesis and hopefully found employment. 

My career goal is to be a research scientist, get my phD and to expand the knowledge of the Earth. 

I would like to thank the QRC for giving me such a great number of opportunities; including being an MC at the students for the future awards dinner, where I met the head of CSIRO. Due to this meeting I am now completing a summer internship with CSIRO in Perth. Also, QRC sponsored me to go to the International Geological Congress in Brisbane, here I sat in on a lecture on Rare Earth Elements by a researcher at Geoscience Australia. He has now invited me to come to Canberra and help out with the samples they have from my research area. 

Opportunities like these were only possible thanks to the QRC. 

Thank you once again. 

And if you are a student of the future and you get a phone call or an email asking if you would like to attend something; always replay with a "yes please". If you are not a QRC student of the future ask your lecturers about conferences and events run by the AUSIMM and GSA. These are great opportunites to meet new colleges. 

Remember its not what you know, but who you know.

It's been fun,

Author thumbnail Louise Schoneveld I'm studying my 3rd year of geology at James Cook University. I have enjoyed my degree and am considering continuing my studies with honors next year.