Cheers for four years UQ


I've got my Bachelor's after four years of study with the University of Queensland.  It was hard saying goodbye to friends that I've met along the way, shared highs and lows with - the lows usually coming from sleepless nights in the labs trying to get some temperamental piece of electronics to work.  However, through these trials we shared experiences that only other engineers could possibly understand.  I feel happy to say I've made lifelong friends over these four short years. Which is why it was so hard to say goodbye to these people.  Most of us though, have got graduate positions and I can say I was lucky enough to land one with Powerlink Queensland with whom I start with in early 2013.  Powerlink Queensland is the sole Transmission Network Service Provider (TNSP) for all of Queensland, transporting electricity between the generators to the distributors.  Powerlink deal with voltages up to 275 kV, which really excites me, so I know this work is bound to inspire and challenge me.  I'm really looking forward to sinking my teeth into this opportunity.

My last year of uni was an interesting one, I was really nervous about completing my thesis, assessing the electrical insulation condition of a current transformer utilising a novel oil and sand mixture.  I worked on this project with the support of Powerlink Queensland and with their help, together with my excellent supervisor Professor Tapan Saha, I was able to not only complete my thesis but produce a meaningful result, which I am trying to publish with IEEE at the moment.

Looking back on these four years, I realise I could not have achieved half as much if it were not for Queensland Resources Council (QRC).  They provided me with so many opportunities throughout my time, including events with Engineers in industry, conferences on the resources sector and I believe most importantly they helped me in securing vacation work with two companies in the resources industry - BMA Coal and Origin Energy.  So I would really like to express my appreciation to QRC in providing these networking opportunities. 

To those still tackling the beast that is undergraduate life, know that it does eventually end, and all the effort you focus towards getting there pays off when you finally hold that (expensive) piece of paper the Chancellor hands to you.  You can do it!

Until next time, Happy New Year and all that jazz.

Adam Irelandes

Author thumbnail Adam Irelandes Hey, I'm currently studying Electrical Engineering at UQ. After I obtain my degree I hope to start a career working at one of the many mines in Aus!