Central Australian Holiday

In June/July I went to the Northern Territory on a little holiday. I have never been anywhere near central Australia and was amazed by the geology around Alice Springs.

The  MacDonald Ranges run along the town. I went for a walk around these hills and they were absolutely beautiful. They are made up of Quartzite with extremely large chunks of quartz throughout the hills. I found one solid chunk of quartz that was the size of a horse.

I also took a trip west of Alice Springs following the west MacDonald ranges. There were many beautiful spots to visit. I went to  Palm Valley, a little environmental niche where plam trees have managed to live in a desert for thousands of years. I also visited  Gosse's Bluff which is a comet impact crater, which i thought was very beautiful. I also visited the  Ochre Pits which where great fun and very beautiful. There where also some permanent water holes in the range such as Ormiston Gorge and Ellery Creek Big Hole; and even though it was WAY to cold to swim they made a lovely landscape. 

This is me hanging out at the Ochre Pits

I couldn't go to central Australia without a visit to Uluru. I went on a booked tour with  Mulgars adventure toursand went on a three day trip around  Uluru Kata Tjuta and Kings Canyon. I let slip to the tour guide that I was studying geology and suddenly I became a lecturer of the geological origin of the area to 20 tourists who don't speak english as their first language.

It turns out the Uluru is an Arkose that has been rotated 90 degrees and continues for hundreds of kilometers under the ground. Kata Tjuta is a massive conglomerate that is tilted 20 degrees. When we were walking around Kata Tjuta it started to pour with rain which was a little disappointing until we start to see massive waterfalls falling off Kata Tjuta. When we got back to the bus we went back to Uluru and got to see the very rare sight of waterfalls running off uluru. 

My favourite place on the trip was actually King's Canyon because of the shear cliffs and beautiful views, not to mention we actually got to climb all over it without being disrespectful to the indigenous owners.

It was an amazing holiday and everywhere I went I was intrigued by the amazing geology. If you ever get the opportunity to visit central Australia you should definitely take it up. 

I've never seen anything like it, its just beautiful.

Author thumbnail Louise Schoneveld I'm studying my 3rd year of geology at James Cook University. I have enjoyed my degree and am considering continuing my studies with honors next year.