Author thumbnail Emerson Lievense Emerson is currently employed as an Instrument/ Electrical maintenance technician by Woodside Energy on their premier Pluto LNG project. View Emerson Lievense's blogs
Author thumbnail Louise Schoneveld I'm studying my 3rd year of geology at James Cook University. I have enjoyed my degree and am considering continuing my studies with honors next year. View Louise Schoneveld's blogs
Author thumbnail Georgina Cumming Hi I'm Georgy and I grew up on a farm near Emerald and I'm now in my second year of engineering at CQU Rocky! View Georgina Cumming's blogs
Author thumbnail Blake Scriven Its my third year of Civil Engineering at QUT and from my experiences I would recommend this degree to anyone View Blake Scriven's blogs
Author thumbnail Phillip Crowe As a civil engineering student at CQUniversity, I am enjoying the challenges presented to me in uni life and the great opportunities so far! View Phillip Crowe's blogs
Author thumbnail Andrea Dale I'm studying civil and construction engineering at QUT. I hope to work on mine sites once I graduate, because I love the friendliness in small towns.. View Andrea Dale's blogs
Author thumbnail Ian Desouza Hi I'm Ian and currently in my 3rd year of chemical engineering and science. I'm interested in researching alternative energy sources for the future! View Ian Desouza's blogs
Author thumbnail Adam Irelandes Hey, I'm currently studying Electrical Engineering at UQ. After I obtain my degree I hope to start a career working at one of the many mines in Aus! View Adam Irelandes's blogs
Author thumbnail Alistair Roe I'm a 2nd year Mechatronic/Commerce student, with a keen interest in the energy field and using automation and robotic systems to evolve the sector. View Alistair Roe's blogs
Author thumbnail Martin Zerk I'm a second-year mechanical engineering student at QUT, looking to get in to the automotive industry, with a particular interest in sustainable mobility. Additionally, I'm a passionate hiker and love getting out into the wilderness. View Martin Zerk's blogs
Author thumbnail Jack Gaynor Engineering is a way of life and I'm living it to the fullest! I play sports, hang out with mates, & get to study some of the most interesting stuff! View Jack Gaynor's blogs
Author thumbnail Peter Stephan Hi, I'm Peter and I'm studying my 3rd year of civil engineering at UQ. I grew up in a country town near Brissy and enjoying the campus life immensely! View Peter Stephan's blogs