3rd week @ uni

It's only the start of the third week back at uni, and I am surprisingly missing working. I was looking forward to the parties back at uni, and catching up with friends, but I can't wait to start work again. I am waiting for my graduate offer before working part-time, so that I can work for the same employer. It's pretty hard, considering how much I miss the work, but I don't think it's ethical to work part-time for a company without any intention of working for them as a Graduate.

I have very few contact hours this semester, as by fourth year we are expected to be able to work on our own. We are expected to do as much work (or even more), but it is hard to get motivated about some subjects. Next semester I only have to complete 2 subjects, as I did more subjects than required earlier on in my degree. I am pretty excited about the spare time, but definitely hoping I have a part-time job by then!! 

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